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Michigan Regional Chamber of Commerce Member.
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Investment Casting Institute Member.
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Member of the American Foundryman's Society.
Eutectic Engineering, Inc.

At Eutectic Engineering, we are committed to meeting our customers' needs for investment castings that will stand the test of world class competition. Competitive pricing, on-time deliveries, product quality, reliability, and integrity and a high level of service to our customers are the standards we use to measure our performance every day.

In order to earn a partnership with our customers, Eutectic Engineering has dedicated itself to achieving the following goals:

  • Development of clearly defined objectives for you, our customer.
  • Implementation of the latest technical innovations and statistical methods consistent to achieving continuous improvement.
  • Establishment of a defect prevention program to assure accepted quality and delivery requirements.
  • Remain price competitive and at the same time afford our employees a safe and satisfactory place of employment that also provides a fulfilling standard of living.
  • Return to our shareholders an adequate reward for the confidence that they have invested in us.
  • Willingness to change where the benefit will be mutual.
  • A periodic review of these objectives is made to insure that we do not deviate and also assure you that we as a supplier will contribute to your continued success.

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